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Best service and technology from the expert in permanent hair removal*.

medical cooperation

Medical cooperation partner

We work with our medical cooperation partner ntmc and therefore we are able to answer all upcoming questions on the subject of permanent hair removal* at the highest level. Feel free to express any concerns, we will address everything.

medical professionals

Porfessionilsm for your well being

We want to achieve the best results for you. Therefore, it is extremely important to us to know that you are in the hands of our medical professionals. For this reason, our staff is regularly trained on relevant topics in order to provide you with the best possible service.

High customer satisfaction

Feel at ease at your expert

Join numerous customers and let our excellent service convince you. Expertise and the latest technology make it possible.

It is not always easy to make decisions. This is especially true for decisions that entail a permanent* result. Is the result of permanent hair removal* even wanted? How does the skin react to it?

In order to get a first impression of how the treatment itself proceeds, experiences of previous customers are quite helpful. These are consistently positive, as we offer an excellent service. Benefit from this as well and arrange your free consultation to learn everything you need to know about permanent hair removal* with light.

The revolutionary XENOgel® Technology

The revolutionary XENOgel Technology

There are many ways to remove hair permanently* with light. However, the innovative XENOgel method is particularly outstanding. It is as gentle as it is effective for the skin and frees you from annoying hair growth. In addition to this method, we also offer every other method available on the market in order to provide you with the best service.

XENOgel | SHR | IPL | diode laser| alexandrite laser | ND:YAG laser – smooth skin …forever*!

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Ärzteteam der ntmc GmbH

“Haarfreiheit not only convinced me professionally, but also personally. With Haarfreiheit you make the best choice.”
Nadine Talas


Nadine Talas

Mrs. Talas has many years of medical experience and is therefore your optimal contact person in medical questions as our cooperation partner.


trained specialists

We believe that highly qualified professionals contribute to the success of your treatment results. Therefore, we only work with professionally trained specialists.


every technology

We use the latest technologies and the most modern equipment. This way we can achieve the best results.

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Nadine Talas

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Saskia Helbig

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Hair removal with light is very popular

The topic of permanent hair removal is currently more interesting than ever for both women and men. Both sexes strive for a smooth and silky skin on all parts of the body.

The reasons for this are very diverse. Many of our customers want to use our services purely for aesthetic reasons. Many others, however, are also aware of the hygienic advantages of the treatment. This applies to both women and men. Here the different parts of the body are treated according to the wishes of the client. For instance, it is quite typical for men to remove hair on the chest, abdomen and back, while the common places for women are on legs and the bikini area. Armpits and the genital area are very popular for both.

Illustration photoepilation technologies XENOgel Technology Logo

Spoiled for choice with the technique

Permanent hair removal has many advantages compared to other temporary removal methods. Depending on the method, the time involved can be enormous as shaving, waxing or epilating involves a regular repetitive process. This is another reason why hair removal methods using light and laser are becoming more and more popular.

One of our technologies is the XENOgel method. Thanks to its versatility it can be used painlessly on almost all skin and hair types. The method combines proven photoepilation technology with the application of a crystal gel. As a result, 50% of the light’s energy is transmitted through the stem cells to the hair root. This is probably the biggest difference between this method and others.

Nevertheless, we offer other technologies as well, in order to be able to treat every type of skin and hair. This way, we are also experts when it comes to IPL (intense pulsed light) or SHR (super hair removal) methods. Additionally, our institutes offer other common laser technologies as the alexandrite, diode or YAG laser.

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Popular body regions for women & men

Many women and men enjoy the convenience of no longer having to shave, epilate or wax. Laser hair removal makes it possible. In our centrally located institute in Mainz, we offer all technologies that can rid you of annoying hair growth without shaving or waxing. An application of the technologies is possible in almost all body regions. The preferred body regions differ between men and women. While women focus mainly on hair removal on legs, armpits and in the genital area, men focus mainly on the back, neck, buttocks and butt crease.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How painful is the treatment?

Do not worry! The most unique thing about our XENOgel Technology is that it is painless. The only sensation that may occur is a slight warmth on the skin. Usually, even this is avoided with the help of the integrated cooling in the applicator.

XENOgel, IPL, SHR or Laser- which is the right technique for you?

In order to find an optimal technique for the best results, your skin and hair type must first be assessed. Therefore, it is our practice to provide you with a free consultation before your first treatment. Our medical staff will then be able to make an assessment and choose the most suitable method for your needs.

Put yourself in the care of our experts who can advise you on the possibilities and challenges of permanent hair removal*.

What awaits you at Haarfreiheit?

It is very important to us that you feel comfortable in our practice. Therefore, it is part of our procedure to have a comprehensive consultation with you before your treatment. In this way, we can specifically address your individual needs and questions.

Once all worries and concerns on your side have been clarified, we can start with your first treatment. If we use XENOgel Technology, for example, you can be sure that you will receive the treatment without any pain and with the most effective results. We are the experts when it comes to permanent hair remova*l.

Step by step, your treatment begins with the application of a special crystal gel, on the respective area of the body. Then, our specialist scannes this skin area with the applicator. The procedure is repeated several times. In this method we combine a low energy with a constant repetitive process. This way, not only the melanin in the hair, but also the stem cell tissue is heated up. This eventually results in the desolation and denaturation of the hair root. The process is completely skin-friendly.

This innovative method is unique in its effectiveness and the little time required for it. The result is finally reflected in permanent hair removal*.

What costs do you expect?

Of course, our first consultation is free of charge. This way, you can relax and decide whether permanent hair removal at Haarfreiheit is the right option for you. If you decide against the treatment, you do not have to expect any unnecessary costs for the initial consultation on our part. If you decide, however, for a treatment at Haarfreiheit, our experts in the institutes, can calculate exactly the costs, which you have to expect. Of course, this varies depending on the body region, type of treatment and hair type.

Beforehand, you can find a general overview of the cost breakdown on our website.

How many treatments do I need to schedule?

The number of sessions can vary from person to person. Generally, 8 to 10 sessions are needed to achieve the perfect result. However, it is important that these are repeated within a period of 4 to 8 weeks. This is the only way to achieve the most promising and optimal result. In individual cases, depending on the hair type and structure, more sessions may be necessary. However, this is to be determined individually depending on the customer’s wishes.

Are there any contractual obligations?

Don’t worry, there is no obligation to sign a contract with us! The only costs you have to expect are those for the sessions used. In principle, it is also common practice at Haarfreiheit to pay for these immediately after the treatment. You do not have to pay in advance and you can finish the treatment early if you wish.

Be aware that you only pay for sessions that have already taken place. This also means that the package price for a treatment does not have to be paid all at once. If you wish, you can also take advantage of our offer and pay the cost in installments. This is possible from a value of 50€ per treatment.

Who is responsible for the treatment?

We work at the highest level. Thus, only medical and trained professionals are responsible for you. Experience the best service and always feel in good hands. It is our wish to make your treatment a wellness moment.

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