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Hair removal with ND:YAG-Laser

Neodym doped Yttrium-Aluminum-garnet laser

Technology of the ND:YAG laser

General information

Hair removal by means of light or laser technology has proven to be the most effective procedure, in the field of permanent removal. Since we at Haarfreiheit in Mainz offer all technologies for hair removal with laser, we also offer treatment with the ND:YAG laser. In the form of focused light, impulses are directed to the hair root, where they release thermal energy. This energy cuts off the nutrient supply to the hair root, preventing further hair regrowth.

Technical information

This laser belongs to the solid-state lasers. It emits high-energy light pulses, with a fixed wavelength of 1064 nm. The technology of the laser allows selective light wave action on the different color types of the skin. Thus, no blood vessels or surrounding tissue are engaged, because the wavelength is optimized only for the melanin of the hair.

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graphic ND:YAG laser mode of action

Treatment process

How it works

The laser beams of the YAG laser, which hit the skin surface, are absorbed by the pigment melanin. This color pigment is contained in hair, and hence transmits the light pulses to the hair root. Once there, the energy of the light is converted into heat. This leads to destruction of the hair follicle and termination of reproduction of new hair.

Procedure of the treatment

For optimal preparation of the skin, it is recommended to shave the body part the day before the treatment.

During the treatment, the handpiece of the laser is passed over the skin area, emitting laser pulses. A slight tingling sensation may be felt. Reddening of the skin after the treatment is harmless and subsides after 2-3 days.

Special features

Hair types

This technology is especially suitable for dark skin types with thick and dark hair. Since these hair roots are located deeper in the skin, the YAG laser can reach them optimally.

The phases of the hair

Every hair goes through three different phases: The growth phase, transition phase and rest phase. Hair that is in the growth phase, also called the anagen phase, can be successfully treated. However, this is only about 20% of all hairs. For this reason, treatment must be repeated several times to reach all hairs in the growth phase. Since the cycle lasts about 4 weeks, treatments should take place at this interval.

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Skin protection

Since the technology of the YAG laser is melanin-based, intensive sun exposure should be avoided before and after treatment. This includes sunbathing, as well as solarium visits.

As with all other technologies, we also offer a consultation for the YAG laser. This is free of charge and without obligation and is intended to inform you about this technology. In addition, it serves to analyze your skin and hair condition in order to find out whether the YAG laser is the appropriate technology for your needs. Visit us in our institute in Mainz. It is centrally located near the main train station and thus ideally accessible. We are looking forward to your visit!


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