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Permanent* hair removal
for women in Mainz

An overview of the individual body regions in which a permanent hair removal* is possible at Institute Mainz.

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Permanent hair removal for women in almost every part of the body

Hairs grow in almost every part of the female body. Consequently there are many parts that need to be freed from disturbing hair growth. Because smooth skin is a sign of pure femininity and shows the special care of the appearance. Althoug hair grow almost everywhere Haarfreiheit Mainz can free you from hair in almost every part of your body. See here the body regions, where permanent* hair removal for women is possible.

Photo face beautiful woman

Hair removal women | FACE

Often women have to put up with annoying facial hair. We give you the opportunity to finally put an end to shaving and plucking.

smooth armpit woman photo

Hair removal women | ARMPITS

Hygiene is probably as important to most women as aesthetics, especially in the underarm area. Our technologies help you to combine both.

hairfree arms and hands photo

Hair removal women | ARMS & HANDS

If you suffer from unpleasant hair growth in the area of your hands and arms, forget about shaving. We will help you to get rid of this burden.

smooth chest and bellys women photo

Hair removal women | CHEST & ABDOMEN

If you dream of silky skin on your abdomen and chest, our photoepilation technologies in Mainz could bring you closer to your goal.

intimate area censored photo

Hair removal women | BIKINI ZONE & INTIMATE AREA

Smooth and soft skin in the intimate area is not only visually desired by many women, but also allows for easier hygiene. Permanent hair removal banishes razors responsible for skin irritation from your life.

buttocks woman photo

Hair removal women | BUTTOCKS & GLUTEAL FOLD

Hygiene has a special meaning for women here as well. Get rid of unpleasant stubble on any part of your body.

smooth and silky legs woman photo

Hair removal women | LEGS

Especially in the summer, women want to have smooth legs. To achieve this, they -not infrequently- have to waste a lot of time shaving. Permanent hair removal* offers a permanent solution.


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