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The feeling of always having smooth skin has never been so uncomplicated and painless as it is with Haarfreiheit. There is a reason why hundreds of customers every year entrust their skin to our professional staff, who are constantly being trained.

“I deliberated back and forth for a long time about whether I really wanted to invest so much money in a treatment where I didn’t know exactly whether it would really achieve what it promised. With every shave, the topic was present again, so I decided finally for a free consultation. The consultation was conducted by a registered nurse and was very detailed and informative. Due to the fact that you only pay for each individual treatment, I thought I would take the plunge and start with the therapy. The treatment convinced me completely. Not only did the staff work absolutely professionally, but now I really don’t need razors anymore and I don’t have to worry about annoying stubble on my legs and in my intimate area. Thank you!” – Isabelle M. (24, Ludwigshafen)

“I suffered for a long time from the fact that more hair grew on my back and shoulder area than on others. Shaving didn’t do anything for me because the hair started to grow back the very next day. After that I tried waxing and epilating. However, this was more than painful and unfortunately did not last long. In search of a real alternative, I came across Haarfreiheit on the Internet. The consultation, the treatment, simply everything went absolutely smoothly. The XENOgel method makes it possible. Many sincere thanks to the team of Haarfreiheit.” – Michael K. (32, Hockenheim)

“Especially in the summer I like to wear skirts. Every morning, when I have put together a nice outfit, I first have to check whether my legs allow it at all. Most of the time, after a short time, stubble is visible again, which then forces me to change my outfit again, not to mention the itching caused by the hair growing back… So what do I do? If I do not have enough time to shave in the morning while showering, the choice falls again on a pair of pants. I needed a permanent solution and Haarfreiheitt offered it. The treatment was not only stress-free but also absolutely painless. I can highly recommend body hair removal at Haarfreiheit.” Jeanine S. (21, Ladenburg)

“For some time I had been struggling with facial hair. Since this was very unpleasant for me in daily contact with people, I decided to shave it off. Naturally, however, it reappeared after a short time. Later, I tried depilatory cream, which gave about the same result. With this embarrassing matter for me, I turned to Haarfreiheit. There I was given medically competent advice and treated just the same. Absolutely super.” Gisela U. (57, Mannheim)

“There are various procedures that are offered to get rid of hair permanently*. I deliberately chose IPL, because I already knew this from television and advertising. As described on the website of Haarfreiheit, the procedure is not quite as gentle as the XENOgel procedure. After a few sessions with IPL, I then switched to the XENOgel procedure and am thrilled with it. The skin only gets slightly warm and the hair still disappears permanently*.” Sarah T. (24, Mannheim)

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“My experience with hair removal – mega awesome! – Since the first treatment, I started with my armpits (…) I never shaved again. I did it every 4 weeks and I always checked it, but almost nothing grew back. I don’t feel like shaving anymore. Even when I was on holiday, I didn’t have to shave. Less and less from session to session (…) and that saves time and nerves. ” Josua Maria (26): TV-Celebrity “Love Island”, Influencer

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“I was able to leave the office after 15 minutes and without any irritation (other than surprise at how fast it went).”

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“A clean, nicely furnished and neat studio with competent and always friendly staff then awaits you on the second floor.”

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“… If you put yourself in the experienced hands of the Institute’s staff, you will receive a free, in-depth, no-obligation consultation prior to treatment…”

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