permanent hair removal* for men

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Overview of the individual body regions in which a permanent hair removal* is possible.

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Hair removal FACE

Uncontrollable facial hair growth can be especially annoying. Forget about daily shaving thanks to permanent hair removal* and enjoy more freedom.

Hair removal ARMPITS

Well-groomed armpits are important not only from an aesthetic perspective, but above all for the sake of hygiene. Both can be solved thanks to permanent hair removal*.

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Hair removal NECK

It is often a challenge to remove hair from all parts of the body without help, especially around the neck area. Permanent hair removal* can overcome this.

Hair removal SHOULDERS & BACK

Be able to see your body as it is without it being covered by a lot of unnecessary hair. The prospect of a well-groomed appearance can give you the permanent hair removal*.

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Hair removal ARMS & HANDS

Appealing hands and arms are a prerequisite for aesthetics. Revolutionary technologies can help you achieve soft and smooth skin.

Hair removal CHEST & ABDOMEN

Forget about annoying hair in the chest and belly area. Permanent hair removal* gives you the chance to enjoy a manly and hair-free chest every day.

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Hair removal INTIMATE AREA

Every area of the body needs the same amount of attention. We provide the best treatment, thanks to the latest technology, for permanent hair removal*.


Ordinary methods reach the limits of their possibilities especially here. Permanent hair removal* is therefore the optimal solution to this challenge.

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Photo man coccyx

Hair removal COCCYX

A coccyx fistula is stressful and unpleasant. To prevent it from happening in the first place, permanent hair removal* is the best solution. Experience complete discretion and the best service in our institute in Mainz.

Hair removal LEGS & FEET

Smooth legs bring many advantages, especially for athletes. But aesthetic demands should not be neglected either. Get rid of hair on legs and feet.

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