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We are experts in permanent* hair removal, which is why we can offer you any technology available on the market | Together we will find the right technology for you

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the innovative XENOgel Technology®

Are you also tired of daily shaving? We banish the annoying procedure from your life forever. Find the way to a permanently* hair-free skin with us.

XENOgel Technology: innovative and permanent* hair removal

This proven technology combines most modern photoepilation technology with the innovative crystal gel.

The starting point of a successful treatment is melanin, a solid element of our hair. This pigment is able to transmit light impulses to our hair root. During this process heat is generated, which changes the stem cell of the hair root. The supply of nutrients in the hair is thus interrupted and the hair can no longer renew itself.

We use the crystal gel not only to intensify the process, but also to cool the skin. This also prevents the sensation of pain.


The innovative XENOgel Technology removes all disturbing body hair permanently* and durably. It is also ideal for all sensitive areas, including the bikini area and buttocks.

Features of the XENOgel Technology

Many methods are not suitable for reddish or very light hair, which is a big problem. However, XENOgel Technology successfully takes on any hair type.


To achieve the best results with the methods, you should shave the affected areas of your body 24 hours prior to the permanent hair removal* treatment. In addition, it is recommended to refrain from waxing and epilation, or even other related methods. If you do not do this, the most effective results can not be achieved.

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Info graphic technology IPL

a well-known method, the IPL method

We also offer the well-known IPL method for permanent* hair removal with light.

Permanent* hair removal with IPL

Using only light, the IPL method is able to permanently* remove hair from all parts of the body. That is why it is very different from classic laser methods.


The technique uses a variety of light spectra and can therefore treat large areas of skin. This way, you get an effective result without having to invest a lot of time and money. In addition, the device can be optimized according to customer needs.

Features of IPL technology

In fact, the procedure is very suitable for quite dark hair. However, due to the lack of melanin, the method reaches its limits with light and gray hair types.


As with other methods of permanent* hair removal, it is recommended to shave the hair from the respective part of the body one day before the therapy. At least 4 weeks before, should no waxing, sugaring and also epilation session take place. This will ensure the best results of the treatment.

Info graphic technology shr

Permanent hair removal* with the SHR technique

The constant expansion of existing technologies with the unification of proven procedures, the result was the SHR technique.

Permanent* hair removal with the SHR technique

The “Super Hair Removal” method, called SHR for short, is a breakthrough in permanent* hair removal. Here the focus is on an unfocused light, which is the major difference to other known technologies. The anti-reflective sapphire glass, which is a part of the applicator, filters the infrared rays.


In comparison to other methods, the big advantage of SHR is the minimal amount of energy required. Moreover, the special feature is that at the same time melanin is transferred to the hair by the light energy and it acts on the stem cells in the hair. They are necessary for the nutrient supply in the hair.

Features of SHR technology

Unfortunately, it is not recommended to treat tattooed areas of the body with the method. Since heat is used here, it can affect the color pigments. However, as a precaution, the affected areas of the body can be covered and left out for treatment.


Here also applies that known epilation methods must stop at least 4 weeks before the therapy. Only in this way can the required connection between hair and hair root remain.

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Info graphic technology diode laser

DIODE LASER with focused light

Of course, it is also possible for us to treat you with old proven laser technologies. Our institutes also offer the procedure with the diode laser.

Proven hair removal with the diode laser

The diode laser 808 is an integral part of our offer – in all institutes. The special feature of this laser is that it works with a precise wavelength of 808 nm.


The procedure enables targeted treatment by the diode laser. Therefore it is perfect for treating areas such as the contours of the beard or the neck. The emitted laser pulse heats the hair follicle to a temperature of 72° Celsius, thus destroying it.

Features of the diode laser

This innovative technology generously protects the skin, as the energy is targeted exclusively and precisely at the hair root. This is favored by the 808 nm wavelength.


Shave your hair, in the areas to be treated, the day before the session. This will allow it to calm down in time and you will achieve an effective and skin-friendly result.

Info graphic technology alexandrite laser

the technique of ALEXANDRITE LASER with focused light

We also offer permanent* hair removal with the help of focused light. In this case the alexandrite laser is used.

Permanent hair removal* with alexandrite laser

Here the exact wavelength of 755nm is used, which offers exact and permanent hair removal* by the alexandrite laser.


In fact, the alexandrite laser is versatile. For example, it is used for tattoo removal as well as pigmentation disorders.

Features of the alexandrite laser

The technology is particularly suitable for quite light and reddish hair types. Unfortunately, other methods often reach their limits there.


It is important to stop all temporary hair removal methods at least 4 weeks before the permanent* hair removal procedure.

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Info graphic technology ND:YAG laser

The advanced ND:YAG-LASER

Of course, it is also possible to treat you with tried and tested laser technologies. Our institutes also offer the procedure with the ND:YAG-Laser. The basis of this modern technology is the most focused light.

Permanent* hair removal with the ND:YAG LASER

Another perspective of permanent* hair removal is the ND:YAG laser. The acronym actually stands for neodymium-yttrium-aluminum-garnet laser. With this technique, the melanin in the hair is treated selectively with a wavelength of 1064 nm. In this way, the most effective result can be achieved.

Features of the YAG laser

Especially for people with rather dark skin types the method is recommended. The laser is also designed to be gentle on the skin during treatment. Moreover, the wavelength achieves the most effective results.


As with other methods, you should shave your legs 24 hours before your appointment.

Illustration Technologie Nadelepilation

Needle epilation: Elektrolysis for permanent* hair removal

New method focused on bright skin and hair types, as the effect is not transmitted via melanin, as is the case with most other methods.

The alternative permanent* hair removal for straw-blonde and red-haired people

Individual mode of action for each hair: The hair root is treated with electricity through the hair canal.


Exact and effective treatment of small areas – the surrounding skin are not stressed. Tattooed areas can also be treated. In contrast to photoepilation, the attached tip of the device releases the energy at the hair root – there is no transmission via the hair itself.

Features of the needle epilation

The current pulse is focused on hair follicles and destroys them. The hair root is permanently* neutralized – after a final epilation, for example, new hair can no longer be regrow.


Since the tip of the needle epilation is directed into the hair canal, therefore should no shaving occure post treatment.


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