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Alexandrite laser

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Laser hair removal in Mainz

The skin-friendly and efficient solution: the alexandrite laser

The alexandrite laser, in addition to its function as a permanent hair removal* method, is also known for tattoo removal and pigment disorder removals. At our locations, the laser works with a precise wavelength of 755nm to achieve the best result. In this process, the hair root is treated by the focused light consistently and precisely. Ultimately, this process results in the condition where the hair can no longer recover and eventually falls out. Thanks to innovative cooling technology, the treatment is painless and without side effects.

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Special features

Procedure of the treatment

In order to achieve the best possible result you should avoid intensive sunbathing for about 4 weeks before the session. This is based on the way the technology of the alexandrite laser works, because if you have very tanned skin a treatment may result in skin burns. Moreover, in this case, the treatment would be ineffective because the skin would absorb the light impulses before they could even reach the hair root.

Also, one month before the treatment, epilation, waxing or sugaring is not recommended. These interrupt the connection between the hair root and the hair. The same applies to bleaching agents and depilatory creams. We recommend shaving the body area one day before the treatment, as this avoids skin irritation. Any makeup should be removed from the facial area before the treatment.

Since the alexandrite laser has a cooling technique, anesthesia of the body part is not necessary. Reddening of the skin after the treatment is normal and will disappear after a few days.

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Hair growth cycle

How long a session lasts always depends on the part of the body. A treatment of the upper lip is finished after about 10 minutes, but the treatment of the legs can take over an hour.

For an effective treatment, several sessions are always necessary. The reason for this is the hair growth cycle that every hair goes through. This can be divided into three phases: The growth phase, transition phase and rest phase. Only when the hair is in the growth phase a treatment effective. Since this is the case in only about 10% of all hairs, the treatment must be repeated so that the remaining hairs in the respective phase can be reached. Since the cycle lasts 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the body region, the interval should be urgently observed for a successful treatment.

Important notes

The best results obtained with the alexandrite laser are achieved in people with fair skin and dark hair. The reason for this is the distribution of melanin, which means that the light pulses can be transported to the hair root unimpeded. This is because the more tanned the skin is, the more melanin it contains. Thus, light skin hardly absorbs the light pulses of the laser.

Dark, as well as thick, hair is the best prerequisite for treatment with the alexandrite laser. In case of red, gray or even very light hair, the probability of successful treatment is low, because this type of hair contains hardly any melanin. Dark skin can also not be treated, because the risk of skin burn is too high. For the mentioned exceptions we offer alternative technologies in our institute, so that we can offer permanent hair removal* to everyone.

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