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In our institute in Mainz we also offer the needle epilation, another method of permanent hair removal*. However, this is not a method that works with laser or light. Instead, the needle epilation takes place with a very fine needle. The other methods of permanent hair removal* with light work via the melanin in the hair, which transmits the light energy to the hair follicles. The effectiveness can vary depending on the technology or wavelength. White or red hair in particular is a major challenge for most technologies. This is not the case with needle epilation. The hair color does not play a role here, because the needle epilation works with electrical impulses.

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The treatment


The process of needle epilation removes every single hair with the respective hair root. A very fine, sterile needle is inserted into the hair canal and brought to the hair root. An electrical impulse is then delivered to the hair follicle. This leads to the destruction of the hair root and thus to the end of hair growth. The treated hair then only needs to be removed with tweezers and the desired result of permanent hair removal* occurs.

Application areas

As each hair is treated individually, specific treatment of individual areas of the skin is possible. The electrical impulse only reaches the selected hair root so that the surrounding skin is not affected. This method is particularly advantageous for tattooed areas of skin, as these cannot be treated with photoepilation methods. Needle epilation is also ideal for smaller areas of the body.

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Please note the following

Before treatment

In order for a treatment with needle epilation to take place, the hair must have a length of at least 2-3 mm. This is the only way to find the hair canal and remove the hair with the tweezers. Hair removal by epilation or waxing should generally be avoided if needle epilation is to be considered.

Several sessions are necessary to achieve the result of permanent hair removal* with needle epilation. This is due to the hair growth cycle. Because for a successful treatment, the hair must be in the active phase. Only in this phase there is an active connection between the hair and the hair root. The desired area is treated in one session and treated again in the following session so that the desired effect of permanent* hair removal can be achieved.

After treatment

After the treatment, you should avoid heat and moisture for about 72 hours. Visits to the swimming pool or sauna are therefore not recommended. You should also avoid intense UV radiation for up to 6 weeks. Cosmetic products should also not be used on the treated area for at least 72 hours after the treatment.

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