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Temporary and permanent* methods
of hair removal in comparison

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There are many different ways to remove hair. A distinction must be made between temporary and permanent* depilation.

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Temporary hair removal

The temporary hair removal carries this addition for the reason, since its effect is limited in time. There are many different species in this area, which have a different duration of effect.

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A very well-known method to remove hair temporarily is the razor. This type of hair removal has been around for a very long time. The principle has hardly changed over the many years. A sharp blade is placed at a certain angle over the skin and the hair that sticks out from the skin is cut off. This often leads to cuts. Newer models try to minimize this risk, but it cannot be completely ruled out. The razor has also been improved over the years with the help of electricity. Depending on the model selected, cuts can be avoided here.

But the big problem with shaving is durability. Because after a short time the hair grows back in the form of stubble and the procedure must be repeated.

Depilation cream

With the depilatory cream you can at least avoid cut injuries, because the cream is applied to the area to be depilated. This method is a more recent way to remove hair. The mode of action of the technology is based on chemical processes. After applying the cream to the place where you want to get rid of hair, the hair is dissolved by the chemical substances. It also belongs to the temporary methods, as the hair grows back after about 14 days. After that, the process must be repeated.

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Illustration Problems with Epilation

Depilation & Epilation

What are the definitions?

Depilate or epilate? What exactly is the difference between these two terms? During depilation, the hair is cut off at the skin surface. The rest of the hair remains under the skin surface. That’s why it grows back so quickly during depilation. Shaving is a form of depilation. Epilation in turn removes the hair with its root, thus pulling it completely out of the skin layer. Waxing, for example, is a form of epilation.

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Warm and cold waxing

Warm wax is a form of waxing. As the name suggests, wax is heated. Care should be taken here, because the wax must be liquid and pure in order to apply it to the skin, but it must also not be too hot, otherwise it may cause burns on the skin. Once the right temperature is reached, the warm wax is applied to the skin, where the hair is to be removed. Then a strip of paper must be placed on the wax while it is still warm. The strip then establishes a firm connection with the wax and the hair. Then the paper strip is pulled off in a jerk and the hair hangs on the paper strip. The pain caused by this is not insignificant. Then, however, usually only one spot is removed and the process starts all over again.

In cold wax, the wax is applied to the skin by means of an apparatus. Then there is also a connection of a strip of paper with the wax and a jerky pulling that pulls the hair out of the skin.

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Brazilian Waxing

The name already reveals the origin of this method, as it comes from Brazil. However, it does not refer to a specific method in its own right. Because here too warm wax is used. The special feature of Brasilian Waxing is that it is used in the bikini zone or the intimate area of women. As with waxing, the effect lasts for about 4 weeks.

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Sugaring sounds a bit like waxing and is not dissimilar to this method. The hair should also be torn out of the skin with its root. However, it is not wax that is used, but sugar paste. This serves as an alternative to wax to make the hair “attackable. ” The paste is applied to the skin after stirring. After that, a strip of paper is also used, which combines with the sugar paste and the hair. Then this connection needs to harden briefly. Then the stripes are also removed with a strong jerk and the hair with it as well. These then hang in the connection between the sugar paste and the paper strip.

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Permanent* hair removal with light

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XENOgel® Technology | a innovative methode

With the help of XENOgel® Technology, which is exclusively available for hair free, permanent* hair removal can be performed. This advanced method works with light and combines it with a skin-gentle crystal gel. This type of hair removal is not only permanent*, but also painless. Are you interested in such a method to get rid of disturbing hair growth? Then you have come to the right place at haarfreiheit in Mainz. Find out more about this advanced technology on our website or make a free, non-binding consultation appointment.

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When it comes to hair removal with light, many people already know the IPL technique. It is also one of the well-known techniques in which hair is removed with the help of light. However, this technique differs from XENOgel® Technology. At IPL, the energy of light acts primarily through the melanin of the skin. Melanin is a body’s own dye. We have explained in more detail how IPL works and what needs to be considered during a treatment on our technology page and on the IPL page.

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In addition to many other techniques, we also offer hair removal using SHR technology in Mainz. The technology differs from IPL technology. This is because it acts not only on the body’s own melanin, but also on the stem cells. We have also explained to you in much more detail on our subpages what this means and what has to be considered with regard to the technology. You can reach this area via the technology overview.

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