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XENOgel® Technology
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Painless & permanent hair removal in Mainz

Most modern photoepilation technology combined with a skin friendly crystal gel for the hair removal with light

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Development of the modern hair removal method

The XENOgel® Technology is an innovative method which is based on over 15 years of experience in the field of permanent hair removal*. This method is revolutionary for the removal of unwanted and disturbing hair growth and is exklusively available at Haarfreiheit. Look forward to the painless removal of disturbing hair growth in Mainz.

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Application of the XENOgel® Technology hair removal

An improvement compared to classical hair removal methods like shaving or waxing

Women and men waste a lot of time for removing hair with classical methods like shaving and waxing. Because hair regrow constantly, stubble form quickly. Ingrown hair often occur. These unpleasant side effects of the classic methods do not have to be.

So forget about waxing, sugaring, epilation or even shaving because smooth skin on almost every part of your body was never so easy to reach as with the XENOgel® Technology. Leaning back and relax and get rid of unwanted hair is not possible? Yes, it is, because the innovative technology makes it possible.

Components of the technology

Laser and light therapy for hair removal have now established themselves as THE PROCEDURES of all. One of our leading applications is the XENOgel Technology. It uses a skin-friendly crystal gel and harmonizes it with the most innovative generation of photoepilation. The irradiation of the light of the method is also optimized by the addition of this same crystal gel. It cools the skin at the same time.

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different hair colors

It is often a challenge to remove especially light and gray hair. This is usually due to the low abundance of melanin in the hair. Older technologies that work with light irradiation exclusively use this very substance as a route into the hair root. In addition, the skin is also heated during the process, as the dye is present in both the hair and the skin.

The XENOgel® Technology on the other hand, gives the melanin in the hair the ability to absorb only 50% of the energy emitted by the light. The remaining 50% involves stem cells, which mainly provide nourishment. However, due to the light irradiation during the treatment, this supply is interrupted. The protein in the stem cell denatures in the process. As a result, the hair can no longer recover and finally detaches.

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