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Permanent* hair removal at

Ingrown hairs are a thing of the past thanks to permanent* hair removal with light. Get to know our numerous technologies.

Communication without words

Our communication is to a large extent accompanied by our body language. Hands in particular are used a lot in this context. Sometimes they are even more meaningful than the spoken words. Therefore, it is essential that they always look well-groomed and appealing. Hair on the hands and arms can disturb the appearance.

A never-ending procedure

Daily shaving is very annoying and can be a major effort. Since the process has to be repeated steadily after a very short time, it robs a lot of time that could be used to pursue more significant things. In the long run, this is really exhausting, which is why many men see waxing as an alternative. Although the result lasts a little longer with this method, the treatment can be very painful and agonizing. Furthermore, the procedure must be repeated after only 4 weeks.

Allow to rest

In order to achieve smooth and soft skin on your hands and arms, you don’t need to repeat a painful procedure every 4 weeks. Instead, use the method with light that will remove your hair permanently*. Our trained, medical professionals will help you achieve the goal of smooth skin. Put yourself in the hands of our experts and get rid of annoying body hair.

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Pure hygiene

Especially during warrmer seasons, it is often a challenge to maintain some hygiene standards. On certain parts of the body, unpleasant odors can arise due to excessive hair growth. Many men are therefore forced to remove excess hair with a razor. However, permanent* hair removal can counteract this.


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