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Permanent hair removal* for men at

Remove hair on buttocks and in the butt crease permanently*, as bacteria accumulate there.

Sensitive areas are no problem anymore

Not only important for aesthetics

This area of the body is one of the most intimate parts of you. Nevertheless, it should not be neglected. Pay attention to this area, not only for aesthetic reasons, but especially for the sake of hygiene. Due to the amount of body hair a lot of bacteria can accumulate here. They cling to the hair and can be responsible for infections and the similar.

Look good without pain

Many men wax or shave annoying and troublesome hair, even those on sensitive parts of the body. However, this can only achieve a short-term result, which is then reflected in a constant repetitive process. The more frequently this happens, however, the higher the probability of pain or injury. Shaving in particular increases the risk of skin irritation. This can be especially insanely uncomfortable in the intergluteal fold and should be prevented.

Our innovative permanent hair removal* technologies bypass any pain during the procedure. No matter which method you choose, we can meet all of your needs.

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Enjoy your freedom

We strive to create an atmosphere that is safe for you for the duration of your treatment. We are aware that this sensitive area of your body is private, so we strive to make you feel comfortable at all times. We work in a highly discreet as well as professional manner. So let go of your fear and enjoy the treatment. Of course, we will clarify all open questions during a confidential consultation. Our medical staff is trained to eliminate your worries competently and definitively.


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