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Show your chest because it looks good with the hair removal with light in Mainz.

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Defined appearance

Hair on the chest or even on the belly is not uncommon for most men. Nevertheless, a large part of them suffers greatly from it. Especially if the body hair cover the hard trained muscles. No matter in which way the body hair limits your life, we take care of the problem and find the appropriate solution for it. Far from the traditional methods, which bring only temporary results. The modern and innovative technologies help you to gain self-confidence, enable beautiful contours and at the same time are painless and gentle to the skin.

Number one not only in sports

Athletes in particular know the many benefits of hair-free skin and no longer want to do without the results. They know that unnecessary hair can manipulate their performance. If they are passionate swimmers or cyclists, this issue is of great importance to them. Moreover, you do not want to neglect the aesthetic aspect. Permanent hair removal* offers a solution to both challenges.

Completely suitable for everyday use

Easily integrate permanent hair removal* treatments into your everyday life. Our technologies work without pain or any side effects and can be completed during your lunch break or after work. This allows you to go on with your day almost uninterrupted. Our painless XENOgel Technology uses a special cooling gel that avoids skin irritation.

Think of the treatment as a time-out you treat yourself to, with the positive side effect of smooth skin. Our professional staff will be happy to advise you on all matters.

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Only a few sessions necessary

Dank der besten, am Markt verfügbThanks to the best technologies available on the market we free you from annoying hair for good. Without pain and professionally. The XENOgel Technology uses very little energy and produces the most effective results at the same time. In addition, it is gentle to the skin. Of course, compared to other known methods, the advantage is the permanent* result.


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