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Permanent hair removal on

A well-groomed and presentable back is the goal of many men. With permanent* hair removal using light, this is easily achieved. Enjoy our excellent service at the Mainz Institute.

Disturbing hair on the back

Get rid of excessive hair growth

Far too often men struggle with excessive hair growth on those hard-to-reach areas of the body. Especially the removal of hair on the shoulder and back can be a big challenge. Many men resort to using a razor to get rid of this body hair. However, this way of removing the hair on the back is very inconvenient. You need a mirror and have to move awkwardly to reach the hair. As a result, some hairs still remain. In addition, conventional methods are only useful for a short period of time and take up a lot of time. In our institute in Mainz, our innovative technologies counteract this and enable effective treatment with permanent* results.

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Pain-free to the goal

The best technologies achieve the best results. Convince yourself of our treatment methods in Mainz and banish your razors. Forget all the pain associated with traditional hair removal methods. Thanks to our innovative cooling systems, you will only feel a slight warm sensation during the treatment, which is painless and completely gentle on your skin.

Enjoy your time carefree

More time for more important things than shaving

Do you feel more comfortable in your skin with a well-groomed appearance? Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and energy to have to pay attention to it all the time. Therefore, it can be quite frustrating when stubble and excessive hair growth disrupt the aesthetics. Nevertheless, it is so easy to achieve a perfect appearance with the least amount of effort. Our state-of-the-art technologies will take you one step closer to your goal and the permanent hair removal*.

Professional service

It is our priority to provide our customers with a pleasant feel-good atmosphere during the treatment. In addition to the best technologies for photoepilation, we are especially concerned about the service. This way we can achieve the most effective and optimal results. Let us advise you free of charge.


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