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permanent* hair removal in BIKINI ZONE & INTIM­ATE AREA

No more disturbing hair or stubble in the most sensitive area

Hair removal is modern

Pure femininity thanks to smooth skin

Delicate and soft skin is certainly desirable on all parts of the body, but for more than 20 years it has been particularly common in the intimate area. Women find a hair-free bikini area attractive, especially since it also contributes greatly to hygiene.

Common hair removal methods often go hand in hand with unpleasant side effects, as they may result in itching and stubble. Moreover, the result is only temporary. We can offer you a permanent* solution to get rid of your pubic hair. Easy and without any negative side effects.

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No painful side effects in the most sensitive area

Temporary hair removal methods not rarely end in painful experiences, as they can irritate the skin tremendously. Thus, itching, inflammation and ingrown hairs are a very common occurrence. Waxing and sugaring are among the most painful methods, especially when it comes to the removal. If possible, you want to avoid this in the bikini area, where the skin is particularly sensitive. Our technologies counteract this and enable a relatively gentle procedure.

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best hygiene – always

Best hygiene in the pubic area

Besides the aesthetic reasons for hair removal in the intimate area, the hygienic ones should not be neglected either. Bacteria that settle in the pubic hair area can further aggravate the already existing skin irritations. Thus, it is even more important to remove the hair in the bikini area from a hygienic point of view. Light or laser help as reliable instruments to treat the skin as gently as possible.


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