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permanent* hair removal CHEST & ABDOMEN

Smooth and radiant skin even on the chest & stomach – our technologies make it possible

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Eliminate bothersome hair

Contrary to popular belief, hair on the abdomen and chest is not just a norm for men. Regularly, women also struggle with the problem. Often this results in uncontrolled removal methods, as using a razor. Typically, this ends in repeated and increased hair growth. However, our innovative technologies allow you to bypass this problem.

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Free of hair at chest & belly

Daily smooth skin

Smooth skin on the abdomen and chest forever. Trust in our modern procedures. Our techniques are always painless and gentle on the skin. After only a few sessions, you will already see noticeable results.

Feel comfortable at all times

Some hair removal methods are known to bring unpleasant side effects. These can be reflected in ingrown hairs, inflammation but also annoying itching. Our promising technologies avoid all these side effects and remove hair once and for all.

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Our technologies

One of our technologies that is particularly painless and proven is the XENOgel Technology developed by us. It is especially effective in ridding you of unwanted hair growth while not straining your skin. You are welcome to consult with our medical staff to discuss exactly which of the techniques makes the most sense for your needs.

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Best result – perfect skin

Get rid of the burden of annoying abdominal and chest hair, regardless of the season. Silky and flawless skin can become a reality for you too, on whatever part of your body you want it to be. Within a few sessions to perfect skin.


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