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Permanent* hair removal at the LEGS

Smooth skin on the legs – how to get rid of unwanted hair on the legs without a razor

Perfect smooth legs

Pure aesthetics

Shaving the legs is part of a fixed routine for most women. They always strive to achieve the softest and silkiest result possible. Haarfreiheit can take care of that for you with permanent hair removal*.

Painless smooth

The majority of common hair removal methods come with plenty of unpleasant side effects, including itching and pimples. Moreover, skin irritations accompanied with ingrown hairs can complicate your life. In any case, they are painful and disturb the appearance. The latest technology of Haarfreiheit can defy all these side effects.

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Smooth legs with the latest technology

Be free in your choice of clothing

Especially with the first rays of the sun, women start to feel like wearing shorter clothes. However, a summer dress or short shorts also mean that your legs should be in immaculate condition. Now, this means that the daily shaving of the legs should not be skipped. However, stubble that has grown out should not be able to determine your choice of clothes. A permanent* hair removal can free you from this burden forever. Go swimming or go on vacation without having to worry about your body hair beforehand.

The most modern technology

Professionalism is our highest priority. That is why we continuously invest in our medical and cosmetic staff and the latest technologies. Therefore, we use the cold light technology, a method that aims for a painless and skin-friendly treatment. Of course, we are able to recommend a customized procedure for you to permanently* rid you of unnecessary hair.


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